My Transcriptions of
Bobby Fischer's Radio Interviews.

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    Posted on 2012 04 27.
    It is the first 12 pages of transcription. It covers Bobby Fischer Radio Interview #1, #2 and the very beginning of #3.
    It is 34,299 Bytes long.

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    Posted on 2012 04 23.
    It is a plot of speach.
    It is 6,157 Bytes long.

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    Richard Bean Transcript

    This uncensored AI computer-automated transcription of all of Bobby Fischer's radio interview recordings became available on the web. There are many errors in the transcription due to noise in the recordings and limitation of the AI technology which we intend to reduce over time on this page.

    However this pdf file can be used in its present raw form for locating any topics of interest in the ~3 days of audio recordings stored on this site.

    For example suppose you want to hear Bobby Fischer's comments about the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. You can now find the exact sound file and location in that file where the topic was discussed. Just auto-search this bf.pdf file for the word "Putin". The bf.pdf says it was first discussed on page 297; at 10 minutes 00 seconds (it's actually at 10:17) into the sound file "f_31_3.mp3", and it was last discussed on page 327; at 05 minutes 01 seconds (it's actually at 5:03) into the sound file "f_34_4.mp3"