Results of my analyses of the length of the year


Here are the main data files I used for this page.
They are all about 16 megabytes in size, containing 2^21, sixty four bit floating point, LSB first, numbers.
The first data point in each file is for "Julian day number" -3100015.5 = May 06 13201 BC,
or 24 years after that (as explained below).
Each successive data point is 5.29... days after the one preceeding it.
In the two filtered files a small number of the data points near
the start and end of the file jump to near infinite values,
so they should be excluded from statistical analyses of the file's data.
An example equation to locate the file position of the length of year,
at for example 2016.5 AD,
for the first two files above is:
(2016.5-1995.77138946-0/2)*365.25/x*8 + 0080,0000
where "0080,0000" is the mid point of the file in hexadecimal notation
(in decimal notation it would be "8,388,608");
and x= 11100032/2^21 is the time step in the files.
for the second two files the corresponding equation is:
(2016.5-1995.77138946-48/2)*365.25/x*8 + 0080,0000

This page was written and first posted on 2016/04/11.